Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Image Solution

Struggling to share images with students, especially when doing a "photoshoot" project (outside, on site on a trip, etc.)?  Downloading from a phone or camera onto a USB drive, or emailing to a common phone, in order to share is a hassle. In my experience, kids being kids and most teachers having more than one class section doing the same project, a hefty percentage of images get lost in the process. Here is a solution: JPEGmini, a webapp that does 2 things you want:
  1. Upload images and automatically compress them -  into a shared album - those large files taken by digital cameras (poorly set) and phones (HD option on) are easily uploaded from student computers (but not directly from Apple mobile devices, sadly) - smaller file size (does not affect image size) is a definite plus!
  2. Send these images to a shared Picassa album (a Google acct. connection also)  - I like this option because they can be easily printed by a the local Walgreens, viewed and rated by students, geo-tagged, etc.
FREE.  Make a class account at JPEGmini, or (this would be my middle school teacher decision) use a connected class Google (gmail) account, create a project album, and the rest is easy.

If only it worked with the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad...   One fewer step would be truly amazing.

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