iPad App Reviews

Leslie Owen Wilson, The Second Principle
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By all means bookmark Bloom's Taxonomy of Apps - there is a k-12 (not annotated, and largely over grade 5) list of apps, a page for each level on the hierarchy. Also K-5 iPad Apps According to Bloom's Taxonomy, and the newer K-5 iPad According to Bloom's Taxonomy, which cover elementary grades.   iPad Apps and Bloom's Taxonomy at Langwitches Blog is also a place to begin.

Highlighted: The iPad As...  - sensible listing of apps organized by iPad learning goals.  You will probably want to add additional goals as you build your program, but this is a great listing to use when starting up. 
    Search for Apps in iTunes - a video for the teacher beginning to build an apps collection.

    Evaluate apps on your own:
    Lists (evaluated selections)
    Sources of the most reliable app reviews for parents and educators - keep in mind that most review sites review apps submitted to them, making it harder to review critically.  I find the best review policy is always to review it yourself.
    • Teachers with Apps - fully reviewed after actual classroom use - tends to be elementary in focus
    • TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) posts one or more app reviews in The Daily App Review - these review cover a wide range, including games, but can be searched quickly by scrolling - they are critical and relatively impartial - I use the RSS feed
    • iear - I Education App Review - well indexed - the best feature is the list of classroom uses for some apps - apps often but but not always fully reviewed
    • theipadfan.comhttp://www.theipadfan.com/category/app-reviews/ - full range, preK-adult
    • appcheese.com - iPad book reviews - focus on classic tales and new titles
    • Common Sense Media - deep listing of reviewed apps - search by category, age, or age range - no prices
    • Apps in Education - reviewed selections - by category
    • Mind Leap - educational apps reviewed by educators preK-middle - sign up for email updates
    • Smart Apps for Kids - a dad's picks - check in daily for new reviews and frequent free app deals - note: he does review apps submitted by developers
    • The Moms With Apps "App Catalog" in iTunes - read about it here
    • Digital Media Diet - ebook reviews only - mom-tested - up through middle school, but mostly elementary and toddler
    • Famigo - mini reviews - some search function
    • Imagination Soup - a mom's reviews of educational apps - updates lists frequently (scroll down) - links to iTunes Preview
    • Click Tick Boom - app reviews tend to be of strategy and other games - but with a YA appeal


    1. This list has been a huge help! I came across your blog while I was looking for ipad apps for preschoolers because my son has been very curious and playing a lot of games on my Ipad, so i figured he can play and learn at the same time. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    2. Great list. Have your tried igamemom.com. It is site reviewing educational apps for kids - with strong focus on education. You should really check it out.