Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Apps I want

I am playing with my iPad as part of my daily iRetired routine (time management is very helpful when you have too much of it).   Today I began a journal in MyMemoir - wonderfully easy, except that it does not accept hand-writing.  Love the way pictures are displayed in the margin - artful.  I have not yet figured out the background (an in-app purchase - customization you pay for).

Wrote this just now in response to an EC query.  There is a call for app ideas for the ELA/Literacy teacher - Apple might get them, but so might other developers.  I am guessing the list will grow as I explore and read the others of ideas.  Apps for the preK-2 crowd are a separate issue - my list deals just with 6+ ELA/Literacy classrooms. One thing I am NOT interested in is an app that does what an online CMS (PowerSchool, etc.) already does. iPad apps should not be used for data if there are web-based alternatives! 

Here is my current list (9/7):
  1. import images or text from DropBox or Picassa OR paste - here is the kicker - display them side-by-side AND accept stylus annotations and handwriting.  Projecting these screens would be a great way to stimulate discussions of text, comparative text, information literacy topics, how to write about text, etc.  Obviously, all annotated screens would be save for upload (quickly, through Sharing to Dropbox...) OR an even better capability would be to share the screens over the local wifi (true of all apps I would like to see)
  2. record and save Keynote presentations (as QT) for flip-teaching (students view presentation outside of class)
  3. "print" imported / downloaded (Google Docs, email) student writing as .pdf files for annotation using GoodReader  - or better yet, include annotation and sharing back to DropBox or Google Docs in the app
  4. Conversion of .jpg photos to .pdf files directly within the Photo app (for annotation also)
  5. While on the topic of DropBox, a teacher and students should have an app that automatically provides an index for Dropbox folders used by students in the class.  How could this be automated? Don't know, but that is what Apple R&D is for...
  6. A good hand-write (see stylus note) app that mimics the writing tests (lines or no lines an option - an option to import a text and a question/topic (from a teacher file), shares to... (everywhere & teacher across the wifi -  like NoteShare does on the iBook, but accepting handwriting as well as keyboarding (in fact, I would like a NoteShare app for iPads...)
  7. a "virtual Facebook" app with one simple template, able to import images, video, sound, text, and link to sites - so many teachers are using similar apps to "connect" to reading now that this would be a popular one - sharing over wifi or optional web upload (to a free space with a class group management option)
  8. I would like an app that could contain a very simple templated record of:  Common Core standard (thread), related practice -> mastery assignments (3 spaces would be great), ability to import class lists, and the option to select a simple range of assessment scores: DM, PM, M, E  would do it for me. Export, of course, preferably to a school or district server... This would allow teachers to assess on the fly and be done with it.

Overall, I am finding the iPad excellent for retrieving and interacting, but not as excellent for creating.  Sharing is also somewhat cumbersome - schools have wifi now and this needs to be fully utilized. We want the iPad to get there for education. 

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