Thursday, November 8, 2012

Giving Opportunity: Literacy Lifeboats

I received today this email from Teacher's College (NYC).  I don't know how I got on their "graduate" list, but I stay on it because of the many opportunities its free programs give me to learn and grow.  Now I have an opportunity to give back.

Dear Friends,

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has launched Literacy Lifeboats, an initiative to help schools that have been hardest hit by hurricane Sandy. We've taken great care to integrate this into the financial gift-giving structure at Teachers College so donations will be tax-exempt and handled with the highest professional standards. You can read more about the initiative by clicking the link below. Please consider donating, and spread word of this far and wide. There are no words to describe the devastation. Thank you for your friendship and support.

Lucy Calkins
Director, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Consider clicking the link and making a donation to literacy in NY, CT and NJ schools.

As chance would have it, last week I drove down to Philly (from here in Maine).  Our route took us through the southern CT coast, across Queens and the top of Manhattan, and down the Hudson on the Jersey side (a 2-passenger car could not get into NYC on the way down - we were detoured).  We saw for ourselves the storm destruction - miles and miles of suburbia with not a single light.  Gas lines four miles long.  Trees and power lines on the roads (luckily, we had some knowledge of back roads!).  Our son had a tree across the road and his roof for five days. No electric as the line was under the tree. My daughter's step-grand-parents (don't ask) lost their house on the Jersey shore.  My son-in-law's brother lives in the Wall Street area with two kids - no power for six days (they had water, luckily).

Believe all of what you read, see and hear - this was a devastating storm.  The cleanup will be a long and painful struggle.  These children needed literacy support before they storm.  They need it even more now.

Please give what you can!

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