Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dystopian Fiction Elimination Tourney

This wonderful idea came from Camile Bernstein. She posted, for fun, the Emily D. Poetry Smackdown Tourney.  I find this to be an inventive way to get readers to read/reread the poems deeply.  I suggest you jump in, if the tourney is still "live."

As you know, I stand against placing The Hunger Games in the 6-12 ELA canon, for a variety of reasons discussed in previous posts. But dystopian literature, as a genre, certainly does belong in the canon. This is my attempt to narrow the field. The titles have come from multiple best of lists, from serious commentary, from my own reading and teaching, and from the recommendations of my students. 

As much as possible, each pair of titles shares several similarities: plot, character, theme, setting, etc. Because of the inventive nature of the genre, however, and because of the wide range of publication dates, this is not always possible. 

If you want to take part in this elimination tourney, follow one or both of the following links.
  • - 6-12 brackets, which are the white selections in the table.  These titles are most often taught 6-8, but are also found in 9-12 curricula.
  • - 9-12 brackets, which are the tan selections in the table.  These titles are sometimes read by 6-8th students, but they are best at the high school level.
Bookmark and return to this post (after 3/27) to take part in the next round of voting.  The current results will always be displayed here.  Clarifying Comments, which can be made to explain any answer, will be summarized and attached to this post. Alternatively, please comment below.

See links above to vote in this elimination tourney.  Next round begins 3/27.

May the best novel win!

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