Thursday, December 15, 2011

iPad - Pages - Google Docs - WebDAV

iPad upload screen
WebDAV is the key to sharing Pages documents from iPad (or other mobile device) to a Google Docs account.

TechLearning has posted this perfect little video tutorial.  I followed the directions and it worked like a charm.  The only slight correction I have is that my iPad 2 Pages also uses the wrench icon - not the icon indicated in the tutorial.  Pages remembered the awkward URL, even after it was fully shut down, so I will not have to enter it again unless I decide to sign out of the Google Docs account I selected.

Students will now be able to upload their work for collaboration, peer or teacher editing (in the Word format native to Google Docs), for back-up, or for submission of a final document in the .pdf or Pages formats.

What is WebDav anyway?  When you initiate the upload process, you will see a link to Learn more about WebDAV.  Following the link to an Apple Support page, you can read about it. In a nutshell, WebDAV is the protocol used by Google and other file sharing servers.  It is highly likely that 1:1 Apple schools already have a WebDAV server.  In this case, it would make more sense (to me) to use that server for file submission and sharing than to use a Google Docs account.  In-house is always preferable. 

Does it go the other way - can you download from Google Docs or other WebDAV server to your iPad or iPhone?  Yes.  The Apple support file above provides directions.  Look at the picture below - a screen shot from within Pages.  That shows you how.  You will need that server address again, as you need to log into the server where your files are shown.  Pretty straightforward.
Download interface - Pages home screen

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