Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blogsy + Posterous = LJ Cog

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LJ Cog is my new public Posterous space.  I will be using my iPad to post short thoughts, often on web text and tweets.  The first post is about the app called Blogsy as a tool for classroom use. 

This might be one solution to submitting files in an iPad classroom.  Posterous on its own as an app is probably not a great idea for the elementary and middle school classroom, as most spaces are public.  On the other hand, students should have the app in order to read the private spaces created by classmates - and hopefully by the teacher.  It is relatively easy to post from the iPad using Posterous alone - images are easily uploaded

This is the typical 1:1 conundrum, isn't it?  A good IT person in-house is becoming more and more necessary to guarantee that cost-saving mobile tools are used effectively.  

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