Friday, July 30, 2010

Another reason to use TidyRead...

I was bored. Just finished the previous post, published it, and for no good reason hit the TidyRead icon (see this post to learn about TidyRead) while watching my husband shuck corn.

A typo in the 2nd line just jumped out at me.  This is huge.  What a great proofing tool for kids!  Students will need wiki or blog accounts on which to post drafts, or Google Doc accounts, but most teachers can manage that easily.  They upload their drafts, click TidyRead or Readability (the former is a little better for this), and work through their own papers (or peer edit).  I will have them use Stickies or journals (choice) to track changes they have to make.  Then do the editing and republish. 

Worked for me today - and worth it!

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