Monday, December 7, 2009

I have been waiting for this...

Ever since the tablet computer appeared, I have been waiting for a tablet that would be useful for middle school LA classes. Just now I have read about the enTourage eDGE e-book. It is definitely interesting! 

I am a Kindle user. In fact, I will have eight or nine Kindles in my classroom by the end of this month. BUT this device might out-detail the Kindle in some key areas: first, it has a stylus, and the hand-to-text connection is huge for developing an interest in literary analysis (teacher talk for making students want to underline and take notes on reading - skills not possible in the don't write in the book public school environment); second, it displays in color and supports illustration, so the eDGE might do double-duty for social studies or science, once texts are developed.

eDGE not out yet (February) and it is priced out of my range. In fact, it is priced out of the range of most school districts.  But I think it is worth a closer look. I'll be watching.  It's about time competition had an impact on ELA.

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